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Year 6 Kingswood Trip

Kingwood 2013  When we went on to the coach everyone was really excited. After around 2 hours on the coach we stopped for fish and chips and a toilet break. The chips were really good, but everyone was mostly waiting for the toilet break that we had there. Afterwards we went to the beach, everyone splashed in the water which was freezing cold! Then there was another 30 minutes to go, so people were getting over excited. When we arrived the first thing we had to do was go to our dorms and pick our beds. There were bunk beds!

There was around 8 boys in a room (all the girls were in 1 room since there were only 11 of us). After we were split into 2 groups A and B. All of us did the Team Challenge together, but with different instructors. Later at 6 pm we had dinner and then we had a game volleyball while others played football. Then we had a Bingo night and after went back to our dorms had a shower and went to bed. I think the boys were sleeping while the girls were giggling and we got told off for talking when it was 11:15 pm. Next morning we (girls) woke up at quarter to six, and messed around for a bit. Breakfast was at eight am and then we put on our wellies and went to do ‘Finding Fin a home’ next to our local river. Then when we came back and had lunch. After dinner we all went to do Wii magic doing lots of games. We played ‘Wii Party’, ‘Sonic vs. Mario 2012 Olympics’ and last but not least ‘Just Dance 2’. That activity was great fun and we all enjoyed it! After that we had our evening routine of drinking some hot chocolate, which was less powdery than the night before. After that it was shower and then going to bed (under the threat of missing the pool party on Sunday) nice and calmly, with a bit of giggling but not as much as before. Sunday was very calm, breakfast at the usual time and then group B did nightline which was a very wet activity since it was all about walking through a muddy obstacle course while the teacher poured water on us. Everyone ended up soaking wet, some people from head to toe! After that we did some rock climbing (most of group B reaching the top) and then went to lunch. It was delicious and we bought some souvenirs from the shop on that day too. After the feast, both groups went to the local woods to do an activity called ‘Saving Swampy’. We had to measure wind, temperature, and the height of trees and their canopy. After we had to return to the centre. Everyone was very excited about the pool party that we had after dinner. The teachers (Mrs. Moss and Mrs.Speechley) jumping into the pool in their clothes. When it was finished we all had a shower and went to sleep. Monday was our last day, so we woke up early to strip our beds and take it to the washing room. After it was breakfast then we did the amazing zip wire and the leap of faith. It was high elements but none the less lots of fun. We had lunch later and then we started our journey home. Kingswood was really exiting and we all loved it!