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Our Federation Highlees Primary School
Eyrescroft Primary School

Primary School

Inspire • Achieve • Celebrate


The Law

We are required by the Education Reform Act 1988 that all registered pupils shall on each day, take part in an act of collective worship of wholly of a broadly Christian character.

Different Assemblies

On most days pupil gather together to participate in the Act of Collective Worship with an assembly.

Our programme of assemblies promote the values respect, empathy and tolerance. 

Please note: Parents/ Carers may withdraw their children from collective worship and RE if they wish. For any assistance with this please speak to your child's class teacher.

Promoting Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural Development and British Values

At Eyrescroft we value the diverse ethnicity of all pupils and families. Throughout the year we arrange a variety of meaningful events and lessons to promote, celebrate and embrace our similarities and differences.

We believe this approach, combined with regular PHSE and Religious Education lessons, enrich the learning for all pupils and expands their spiritual and cultural experiences.   It also teaches respect, tolerance and understanding of the different cultures and faiths within our community, the United Kingdom and the wider world.

This learning is underpinned by an engaging, broad and balanced curriculum (Cornerstones Curriculum 2014), which develop pupils socially and morally.

Staff at Eyrescroft also encourage pupils to promote the 5C’s; care, courtesy, consideration, co-operation, and courage throughout the school day.